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Creative Portraits & Silhouettes - 2020 Collections

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

This field is very vast and wide open when you talk about creative photography. What's creative photography? Some may consider an abstract out-of-focus photo as being creative, while others may consider it to just another excuse to call a bad photo “creative”.

Creative photography contains an extra element (or elements) that are intentionally used to improve the photo from its original state. We use prisms, reflections, color gels, light painting, back lit and sometimes under expose items & subjects to bring out the creative ideas

Extra Elements – Extra Elements lie outside the normal photographic process and are open to interpretation. They can involve a simple workflow that a photographer used to capture that unique look of a photo.

Intent – The use of these extra elements should be intentional. The lack of photography skills does not automatically give a photographer a creative eye… it only makes the photographer inexperienced or ineffective. Similarly, just getting the exposure perfect in the camera does not make a creative photo; however, intentionally underexposing for purposing of creating a dark, moody image does make it creative.


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