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YNOT's Real Candid Moments

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

An unposed photo is always pure and would have the unvarnished truth in it.

Candid photography shows life as it really is. Unlike posed portraits, which are carefully planned and crafted to look perfect, candid shots are spontaneous and genuine!!!

For candid photos, authenticity is more important than perfection. The authentic look isn’t always easy to capture, though. We always aim at 2 aspects in candid : Create a striking composition and Capturing social interaction .

Couples/Audiences are quick to notice us (photographer) and change their behavior. To get a truly candid shot, we always have been quick and catch people before they notice us. In some ways, I would say that candid photography is like wildlife photography - we would blend in, yet also position ourselves for great photos. There’s a great deal of surprise and spontaneity in it!!

A people's face is the first place we look for emotion. Even without any context or background scenery, a face can express a lot. It’s also constantly changing from emotion to emotion, giving us an endless source of interesting shots - groom's laughter, friend's galatta, mother's emotion, bride's tears, dad's send off to his daughter etc., and etc.,

The photographic eye, once trained, can see things that often others completely overlook. Even if we are taking a quick shot, we spend a split second thinking about composition. In fact, we would also get better shots in planning a part of the photo and then wait for the other part to come into - for instance, in some instances we plan the composition, then wait for someone to enter the frame. We do believe that this forethought can always make the difference between a good candid photo and an excellent one. This blog presents few among our wedding shots of such kind.

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