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The Drone Photography

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Using a drone can open up entirely new perspectives that simply wouldn’t be possible on ground level. It does take the full advantage of bird’s eye view. Making the couple to lie on the ground and shooting straight down from above would create a graphic and almost a two dimensional look. Drone photography lends itself well by creating a very graphic composition that sometimes resemble drawings more than photographs.

From the first pinhole camera to the newest mirrorless sensors, photography has always been a discipline under constant innovation. Despite all the progress, no innovation has been quite as revolutionary as the ability to capture images from the air, while our feet still remain on the ground.

Drone photography has only been around a few years, yet the gravitational pull it has had in the photography industry is huge. We attempt couple shots with drones - for them to admire the aerial beauty of the location, with themselves being there. If you are like the thousands of other admirers who cannot wait to see how exactly the beauty is revealed via drone shots, please scroll down.


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